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Walking Services

Whether your dog is an outgoing social butterfly or a sensitive soul I am happy to provide the exercise and enrichment they need to live their best life. As an Oaktown Paws client you get to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dog is out with a certified trainer. While training is not the focus of a walking service, I do work hard to maintain good behavior. Best of all, your pup returns home relaxed and ready for a nap.


Active Paws Adventure Hikes 60 minutes

Adventure hikes are perfect for dogs who enjoy socializing with other dogs and hitting the local East Bay trails. The group is never more than 6 dogs, so you pup will get to enjoy a group of well vetted companions while also getting some one on one attention to help maintain good behavior on the trail.


Adventure hikes have about 60 minutes of trail time with about 30 minutes for pick up and drop off. I have a small service area to ensure your pup gets more time on the trail and less time in the car.


My group hikers are vetted for temperament and behavior. Polite social skills with both dogs and humans are a must. Dogs must also have solid leash walking skills, strong recall, and basic safety cues like sit, stay and leave it. Dog’s must be able to comfortably ride in the car for transportation.


2 day per week minimum commitment.



2 days per week: $330

3 days per week: $485

4 days per week: $615


Please note that pricing reflects unpaid federal holidays as well as vacation time and cancellations for both the walker and the client.

I'm not currently accepting new adventure hike clients, if you'd like to join the waitlist please get in touch.

Private decompression walk 60 minutes

Decompression hikes consist of a private relaxing walk done on a variety of calm locations away from other dogs.  These hikes are an hour long service where we go at your dogs pace. The focus of of decompression walks is to lower your dogs stress levels and provide enrichment completely tailored to your pup. This is a great service for dogs who experience leash reactivity or are easily overstimulated in neighborhood settings. 

Price: $95 per walk

Let's Work Together

Are you ready to add some walks and fun into your dog's routine? Book a meet and greet today!

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