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Dynamic Dog Assessments

A Dynamic Dog Assessment is different than a regular dog behavior consultation. It is a comprehensive look at every detail of your dog’s life, from the way they eat, sleep, play, and of course any behavioral struggles that you’ve been having. The purpose of these assessments is to identify potential discomfort in a dogs posture and movement. 


As a Dynamic Dog Practitioner I possess a thorough knowledge of dog anatomy, posture and gait. I understand the way that physical discomfort may lead to challenging emotions and behavioral issues. Everything is connected which is why these assessments are so detailed and thorough. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of getting to the root of your concerns.


A Dynamic Dog Assessment can be a stand alone service or can be rolled into a training package. 


The assessment process: 

  • Consultation: We start with a 60-90 minute zoom consultation in which we do a deep dive into your dogs health, history, daily life and behavior. You will receive a recording of this consultation.

  • Data gathering: I will provide instructions on what photos and videos we need to take of your dog in order for me to do an in-depth analysis of their posture, gait and movement

  • Follow up call: We meet on zoom to discuss the findings of the assessment

  • Report and vet liaison: A formal report with supporting evidence will be shared with your vet. I will remain in contact to help support you through the process of getting a diagnosis and will be able to provide additional advice and information as needed.


The assessment from start to finish can take several weeks, but largely depends on how long the data gathering process takes and veterinary appointment wait times. All consultations are done via zoom. If you are outside of Oakland, CA the entire process can be done remotely!

Why is it so important to look for pain?


Pain related behaviors can be complex to unravel. If a dog isn’t limping or yelping it can actually be challenging to identify pain. Very often the underlying discomfort is actually subtle and may have been going on for months or even years before getting a diagnosis.  Subtle underlying discomfort can be the cause of, or exasperate, behavioral issues.

Just like us, when our dogs feel better they behave better too.

Stand Alone Assessment: $165

Comprehensive dynamic dog and behavior consultation: $295 

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