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Behavior Coaching

Many dogs struggle to fit into modern life in an urban environment, and this can lead to some challenging behavioral issues.  My goal as a trainer and behavior consultant is to empower you with a deeper understanding of your dog's needs and behaviors, while equipping you with positive reinforcement techniques to help you achieve your training goals.


I take a holistic, wellness centered approach to addressing behavioral issues. Ahead of beginning any training clients have a thorough intake process that includes both a behavioral intake as well as a complete functional assessment, including a posture, and gait analysis. This allows us to address any underlying physical discomfort while we work on transforming your dogs behavior.


Discover a compassionate and integrative way to train your dog and foster a bond built on trust and understanding.


Behaviors I can help with:

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Barking and Lunging on Leash

  • Resource Guarding

  • Predation related behaviors

  • Dog directed aggression

  • Human directed aggression

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Noise Sensitivity

  • Excessive barking


What to Expect: The Intake Process


  • All About your Dog - Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is conducted over Zoom  and lasts approximately 90 minutes. We look at what life is like    for you and your dog. Get ready to take a deep dive! I strive to uncover every detail to make sure I am getting the full picture of what is going on for your dog.

  • Functional Assessment

Additional information in visual form - photo's and video's of your dog doing various activities of daily life so we can assess any physical issues. This can be done in person or remote.

  • Analysis

I then spend 48 hours going over all the data & information given to me in the consult so I can build the full picture of what is going on for your dog.

  • Veterinary Report & Liaison

I then construct a comprehensive veterinary report with corresponding evidence and liaise with your dogs vet with our findings to ensure that any underlying health issues are diagnosed and supported so that they lesson the impact on your dogs behavior.

  • Behavior Management

This may be a short term plan to help you get quick relief from problem behaviors whilst additional Veterinary support is given. Depending on assessment outcomes, we may also discuss long term solutions.  Either way I make sure you have full support during the initial assessment process.

Why is it so important to look for pain?


Pain related behaviors can be complex to unravel. If a dog isn’t limping or yelping it can actually be challenging to identify pain. Very often the underlying discomfort is actually subtle and may have been going on for months or even years before getting a diagnosis.  Subtle underlying discomfort can be the cause of, or exasperate, behavioral issues. Just like us, when our dogs feel better they behave better too.

In a recent study carried out in Lincoln University by Daniel Mills, it was found that approximately 80% of dogs that presented with behavioral issues had some form of undiagnosed pain that was a direct cause or contributing factor to problematic behaviors.


Lets work together

Are you ready to get started on your training goals? Book your initial consult today!

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