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Separation Anxiety Training 

Does your pup struggle with alone time? Are you dreading leaving your house because your furry friend is in a state of panic every time you have to run an errand? Life with a dog with separation anxiety isn't easy, but the good news is that with careful training most cases are able to be resolved or improved upon greatly. As a certified SA Pro Trainer, I'm here to help!

Separation anxiety might look like:

  • excessive barking, whining, crying or howling

  • destruction of property (particularly around exits)

  • self harm, often induced by trying to escape and find their owner

  • potty accidents in an otherwise house trained dog

  • getting stressed at the first sign of departure

  • Many other signs!

All assessments and training are conducted virtually to enable the recreation of real alone time set ups.


Tech requirements: Laptop or tablet with webcam, reliable internet connection, pet cam, smartphone with Whatsapp downloaded for communication between assessments. 

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