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Private Training

Many dogs struggle to fit into modern life in an urban environment. My goal as a trainer is help you gain greater understanding of your dog’s needs and their behavior. Whether you are looking to set your puppy up for success or address problem behaviors I am here to help. 

My training is centered around client coaching with an emphasis on team building between human and dog. I strive to empower my clients with the knowledge and skills to train their dogs effectively no matter where you are starting. 

My specialties include:

Puppies and adolescents:

  • Setting your young dog up for success in your home

  • Core behaviors (sit, down, stand, stay, wait at door, mat work, placement cues, recall etc)

  • Socialization and getting your dog comfortable out in the world

Problem Behaviors:

  • Barking and lunging on leash

  • Predation related behaviors 

  • Jumping, mouthing, counter surfing, excessive barking

  • Pulling on leash

  • Getting comfortable with visitors in the home

​Trail Manners:

  • Get your dog adventure ready! Recall like a pro, practice safety and manners around people, dogs, cyclists and wildlife.


My Philosophies

I believe that dogs (and people) should be treated with kindness and respect.


I use only modern, evidence-based, humane training techniques. I do not use any prong, choke, or shock collars. 

Dogs are unique and sentient beings with their own individual learning styles. There is no cookie cutter training plan that will work for every dog. For that reason I will not make any guarantee that I will “fix” your dog, or modify a behavior within a set time frame. However, reward based training is highly effective and I can help you reach many behavioral goals.

I believe that training is a life-long endeavor. Dogs are always learning, even when we are not actively training. This is why my goal is educate and empower dog owners to better understand their dogs behavior and needs, while giving you the tools to reach your behavioral goals and create a deeper bond with your dog. 

I am honest and transparent when taking on new clients. If I feel your case is beyond my level of experience or knowledge I will refer you to a more appropriate trainer.

Intake Consultation

All training starts with an intake consultation.  After completing an intake form we will schedule your consultation. Consultations are generally 60 - 90 minutes long and can be done in person or remotely. During your consultation we will discuss your dog's history and any behavioral issues. We will develop a personalized training plan as well as create management strategies to help you reach your goals.  Afterwards, you will receive a detailed follow up email with additional resources, recommended reading, and your next steps for training.


Private Coaching

Through private coaching you will learn to become your dog's trainer! You will receive an easy to follow personalized training plan to practice with your dog at home. You'll receive video feedback of your homework through a private messaging channel. In person meetings are focused around fine tuning your training mechanics and teaching new skills to help you reach your behavioral goals.

  • Single sessions $135

  • 4 session package $500


Day Training Program

Day training is a program where I work one on one with your dog several times a week to help meet your training goals. Training sessions are held in the client's home or out in the world. Trainer provides transportation. To ensure that you are also learning the necessary skills to help your dog succeed weekly handover sessions between client and trainer are mandatory. Day training is not suitable for all training cases and space is limited. 

  • 3 sessions per week (1 session will include a client handover session where you learn how to maintain your dogs skills)

  • $350 per week

  • 4 week minimum commitment

Hybrid Training Program

Hybrid training is perfect for clients who have busy schedules or want additional online support in between in person training sessions. You'll receive an easy to follow training plan that fits easily into your schedule. We will still meet 2x per month for in person sessions but you'll be able to submit homework, track progress and ask and questions via a private messaging channel in between. As you chip away at your training plan with virtual support, our in person sessions are tailored to helping create training set ups to help you meet your goals. This model is ideal for clients who have dogs who struggle with fear, anxiety, and reactivity towards humans or other animals. 

  • 2 in person sessions per month

  • Clients can submit video homework and receive video feedback 2x per week 

  • Personalized online training plan that updates as you make progress

  • Private messaging channel where you can ask any dog related questions throughout the week

  • 2 additional support calls per month via zoom or telephone if needed (up to 30 minutes)

  • $450 for 4 weeks

Are you ready to get started on your training goals? Book your initial consult today!

Let's Work Together

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